Our Latest Karen Songs

This playlist contains all of the latest Karen songs on Unheard Music.

Song Blurbs (Translated from Karen)

1. Impossible

by Ramp Youngz/KuKa/Criminal Kidz

The song title is “Impossible”. I know I am not perfect or rich enough to give you everything you ever wanted, but I can only give you my love. I sometimes feel upset and confused because you alone I adore. I have decided to only love you, but you told me that you wouldn’t love me anymore. I need your love to be alive.

2. You Will Be Mine

by M. Rah

The song title is “You will be mine”. Everything fades away when I love you. You will be my queen. I only want you to love me. I love you more than anyone else, and this love keeps me alive.

3. A rap song against dictatorship

by Ka Ka

This is a Thai song about fighting against dictatorship. I do not wish to see leaders in my country exercise their power in form of dictatorship. I don’t wish to see the Karen constantly living in sufferings. We need to fight for peace and equality in our country.

4. God’s Love

by Ba BLut

This song tells about God’s love. We have to always give our thanks to God for guiding us and forgiving our sins.

5. Praise the Name

by C.L.

I used to do bad things in my life. I tried to do good, but I failed. But I remember God is my helper and He can always cheer me up in my life. I thank God for all His plans toward me. I will always thank God because He is the One who shows mercy.

6. Our family love is in the name of Jesus (Thu Taw Kay P’ta Eh)

by Say Saylia

The title of this song is “Our family love is in the name of Jesus”. It means that when we love and have peace toward our family, nobody can destroy such relationship should we thank God who is the One that grants us happiness all the time.

7. You and I Can Never Be Broken

by Peace DP/ES

The song title is “You and I Can Never Be Broken”. I only love you because you are my angel and you always make me happy. I will always remember you and will never let you down or allow others to take you away from me.My song is about the water, and how the hopes of so many people depend on the Salween River because they live near it. I would like to tell them that we can feel hope from every stream and creek in the mountains.

8. Loyal to Me

by Naw J C

The song title is “Loyal to me”. Wherever you may go, always keep my love in you. I am worrying because we are parting our ways. I wish that you will always be cheerful wherever and whenever. Please know that I will be there for you forever.

9. Ner Oh Ye Daw Ya

by C.L/Mar Ner

Please do not change your love towards me even though you are living afar. I know it is difficult to meet up with you, but I still believe everything will be alright between us. Even though I always made you angry, but you were constantly forgiving. From now on I will always cheer you up, and this is my promise for you.