Spoken Word by Atem Diing

# I’m_Tired

I’m tired of crossing rivers
I’m tired of crossing borders
I’m tired of crossing deserts
I’m tired of hearing bombs
I’m tired of hearing screams
I’m tired of hearing guns
I’m tired of dodging bullets
I’m tired of digging graves
I’m tired of hoping for changes
I’m tired of searching for freedom
I’m tired of searching for peace
I’m tired of thinking all nights
I’m tired of being a refugee


I don’t blame the moon
I don’t blame the sun
just as far as the stars
for they gave us a chance of light
but we didn’t make it there.
Looking into each other eyes,
that was the only language we know.
The flame of our silence
had become our blind guidance.
I’ll keep it until it burns me down.
Forever you’ll live in my heart
for now it’s your town.
Please remember me
it’s somehow made me
for this journey we’ve started
it seems to be
I was very quiet like I had no word for you.
but my whole life as a gift I already gave to you.
Remember me and please don’t say goodbye
I want to be your friend today and tomorrow just before I die.

The aromatic flavour of fried meat

since my childhood
fried meat always tested good
I could smell it far from the other neighbourhood
If I go a day without it, I’m in a bad mood

I love fried chicken and boiled chicken
I love fried eggs and boiled eggs
I love fried fish and boiled fish
but my favourite is fried meat

honestly I eat a lot
but I never get fat
and that is what makes me feel bad
anyway, I will keep eating I won’t stop

one day I had to attend a wedding
I walked all the way from home, I was sweating
I was welcomed and I got in
I sat down with some friends watching

the whole thing was coming to an end
food was served and that is why I came
and finally the fried meat was on my table end
I held it firm with my right hand.

Voices started enchanting in my head:

“Take one from the right
Take a bite
Throw it on the left
Take one from the right
Take a bite
Throw it on the left
Take one from the right
Take a bite
Throw it on the left
‘til nothing is left.”

And before I take a bite
my phone was ringing
oh, no way! Who is this idiot calling?
I had to go out to receive the call
I made it quick “Yes, yes” and the “BYE” was Bold

at the entrance something strange
“Sir, you have to show me your invitation card again”
are you talking to me or the other men?
I just came out to receive a call, are you insane?

he denied me
I went back home angry
my stomach was completely empty
that night my eyes refused to close
the night was long, I took a sleeping dose.

Artist Bio

Atem Diing Alaak is a 25-year-old refugee. Born and raised in Khartoum, he moved to South Sudan in 2012 with his family and fled to Kenya when the war started. He currently lives in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. He started school again in English after becoming a refugee at the age of 16.