Eh Ku Thay

Artist Bio

Eh Ku Thay, 19, left his village in Karen state in Myanmar two years ago, to study at Thoo Mweh Khee Migrant Learning Centre in Mae Sot in northern Thailand. Inspired by Justin Bieber, Ku Thay had always wanted to be a singer, but he never had the opportunity to learn to sing as there were no singing teachers in his mountain village. His first guitar was made from bamboo and his uncle taught him to play. It was only after moving to Thoo Mweh Khee that he learned how to compose songs and sing from YouTube videos, using the school’s wifi connection. Recently Ku Thay and two other friends made a recording studio using egg cartons for soundproofing, a task which took them a year. His dream is to continue to make music for as long as he can.

Eh Ku Thay’s Playlist