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The Unheard Competition 2: “Love”

We have compiled all songs to our most recent Unheard Competition. There are 30 submissions around the world from various genres and languages for you to enjoy!


Be a part of our Unheard Music Project by submitting your music to us!
In order to showcase as diverse a range of talents, voices, and backgrounds as possible, we welcome all types of original music and don’t limit the library to specific forms or genres. However, we regret that we are unable to accept song covers due to potential copyright infringement, unless the song calls in public domains. Although this can vary from country to country, music typically enters the public domain 50-75 years years after the death of the creator.

All file types are accepted, although MP3 is preferred. Please prepare your files for uploading by using the naming convention “Artist Name_Title”

Please send all submissions and questions to